About Us


At TherapyMFR, we are proud of our outstanding team of medical professionals whose goal is to provide innovative and personalized neurology services. Here's a quick overview of our amazing team:

Dr. Josef Müller


Experienced physical therapist specializing in the treatment of neurological conditions. His gentle and effective techniques help patients regain and maintain physical health over the long term.

Dr. Lyudmila Shmidt


Leading neurologist with extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders. Her dedication to patient care and commitment to continuous learning make her a key member of our.

Maria Stein

Massage Therapist

An expert in myofascial therapy and rehabilitation, Maria provides personalized massage programs to promote improved muscle tone and overall well-being.

Our mission


We provide high quality therapeutic services aimed at restoring body functions and relieving physical stress. Our goal is to help you achieve an optimal level of physical health and maintain it over the long term.

Emotional Well-Being

At Therapymfr we focus not only on physical health, but also on emotional health. Our therapists create special programs to improve your emotional state and achieve harmony with yourself.


We believe that education plays an important role in your recovery process. At Therapymfr, we provide self-help information and resources so you can be an active participant in your care and well-being.



"The experience at TherapyMFR exceeded my expectations. Dr. Schmidt and her team were true professionals. Their warmth and personal approach made the treatment of my neurological condition more supportive and effective."Mega Dobston


"The rehabilitation process with physical therapist Dr. Muller was outstanding. Not only did he help me regain muscle tone, but he also provided me with invaluable support on the road to full recovery."Nigel Hicks


"Maria Stein is simply magical! Her massage techniques not only relieved tension, but also improved my overall physical condition. The attentive care I received was incredible."Darcy Warner